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Q:  What's black and white and not seen anymore?

Remember stargazing?
Peaceful - Tranquil - Relaxing

Have you noticed?
Most city skies have become virtually
empty of stars.

What's up with that?

HOME BUSINESS entrepreneur to be!

"Where's my stars!"


40% - 100% of all the stars in the sky are gone...

And the people want them back! 

And little Mikey wants them back REAL BAD!







"Amazing!  Thank you so much!  It's just so  beautiful!
Thousands of stars, and they even twinkle!  Everyone is going to want this."










































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"We Were Relaxing Under
the Most Incredible Starry Sky... Searching for Constellations, and Watching Shooting Stars.

Then I Realized, We Were Still in Bed!"

Watch this... Imagine it's your bedroom at night

Invisible in daylight.  Your ceiling looks normal.
The glorious stars magically appear when the lights go out!
Relax  Romance  Discover

Not lights, not wallpaper.
Your entire ceiling appears to be gone!
It's an illusion of reality long lost.
Astronomically correct!  Now in
Applied anywhere in about 2 hours by your local distributor.

Try the Incredible
Yourself, This Week!

Live Longer!  De-stress with your very own STARSCAPES 3D STARGAZING PORTAL.  Airmailed worldwide daily.

 Listen to the excited children's reaction when the lights go out!  (They're NOT even looking at an entire STARSCAPES on their ceiling in their bedrooms yet; they're just looking at the Amazing 3D Cosmic Demonstration Portal Poster spread out on the floor!  You can order yours today!) 

Click the PLAY button twice.


 How do you think they'll react when the STARSCAPES is on their entire bedroom ceiling?

Get  STARSCAPES for yourself... Contact us now

Give someone else STARSCAPES as a surprise gift, Contact us now

If you're a hotel owner, desktop signage for hotel tabletopand you would like to get STARSCAPES in your hotel, motel, B&B, etc. and offer "In-Room Stargazing" for your guests!  A competition-buster and a killer upgrade to your profits!  (Why do you think top restaurants offer dessert? Profit!  This is your dessert!)  You can also be listed in our Worldwide Lodging Directory, so guests can find you!  Contact us now


Display for hotel countertops: 

  hotel tent signage  

Online Image Badge for hotel websites:   In-room stargazing ad


 Interested In an Exciting, Profitable and Fun Home Based Business?  What's the best small business?

Watch the Video

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Win it!
(details below)







Let me "remove your star-blocking ceiling" for you!
Joe Petrashek
Joe Petrashek, S.AI originator & founder

Customer Service
Call 1-480-615-7646
Alex: 1-800-379-9947
Joe: 1-480-926-2982


Visit our showroom
in Arizona.

The original HD3D
Cosmic Environment Simulation™
applied anywhere in
about 2 hours.
























Isn't it time?
Be Your Own Boss.
More time.
More money.
Make others happy.






Signup below for the
exciting LIVE Web Event
StarBiz Double Giveaway.
Ever dream of starting
your own home business?
Now is your chance to WIN
the Professional STARSCAPES StarBiz Program.













Best Money Making
Business in the World
atch the video below



Starscapes home theater night image

A VERY COOL home cinema ceiling with STARSCAPES!


As seen in...

 Best Western logo Holiday Inn Express logo Comfort Inn logo Americas Best Value Inn logo La Quinta logo Country Inn logo 
Budget Motel logo Lantern Inn logo Luxury Inn logo Ramada Inn logo Super 8 logo


The #1 Money Making Business in the World Can Be YOURS.

Others just like YOU have quietly been making it big on their own.

$100, $200, $500, and up to $1500 daily working from home.

So can YOU.


Order Your STARSCAPES Professional StarBiz or
Get Your
Free HD3D Amazing Cosmic Portals and STARSCAPES Introductory Package with company samples below!

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Or, if you're in a hurry... buy it NOW!
Solution Graphics



Why is STARSCAPES The Best Money Making Opportunity in the Universe?

     When you order your StarBiz, you can turn everyone’s bedroom ceiling into their very own stargazing panorama.  Bringing back the stars for all.


     And once they know that you have it available for them, they'll "rip their underwear" trying to get the money out of their pocket to give to you! 


     You'll walk into their room, with your StarBiz equipment bag, and after about an hour or two of having fun, you'll call them back in.  Ask them to lie down and cover their eyes, for a moment, as you begin to play the CD we give you (soft, ethereal music to set the mood). 


     What will they see, when you turn the lights out?  They won't see their ceiling anymore, because it's "gone"!  Above them in the sky will be thousands of twinkling stars, and constellations!  Of course, it's astronomically correct, so they'll even see the Milky Way galaxy and shooting stars!  Listen to them gasp!  (All of them will do it.)  This is one time in their life, that they're actually happy giving someone a check!  Then, because they called all of their friends over for the unveiling, guess who's going to be your next customers?

A half million dollars is only $10,000 a week.

     Everyone wants STARSCAPES.  You'll see, when you get your Intro. Package below.  Show the Portals to others, and they'll beg you to put it in their room!

     The STARSCAPES home-based opportunity is fun and easy to start; you can begin part-time, and make $100, $200, $500 and up to $1,500 per day, whatever you want, and begin making money on day one in business!  And you'll have fun doing it!  Just get your own StarBiz and repeat what I do in the DVD.

     The STARSCAPES StarBiz Program is the perfect home business opportunity for anyone who loves to make dreams come true and who wants to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. We provide everything you’ll need to start your business and maintain its profitability.  And it's fun!  A new home based business that's exciting!

     It's okay if you're an 18 year old student, or you're 83 years old, (the averaged age is 60) YOU can do this!  It even makes a great family business.  Students can pay their way through college this way, and make even more money to sock away for their future.  And it's really fun!

     If you can draw a happy face, climb a step ladder and comb your hair, you can do this!  It’s all so easy once you know how to do it.  Our program provides every thing you need, all the equipment, tools, technical expertise, supplies, methods and secret tricks you’ll need to create stargazing masterpieces and more, that will have your customers mesmerized for years to come!

     Since 1991, others have quietly been making money with their complete Professional STARSCAPES StarBiz Program. Isn't it about time that you came over to the bright side too?  Oh, and did I tell you... I'll bet it's more fun than anything you've ever done before!  (BTW, This site is known as the top home based business home.)

     And by doing business with us; you help to alleviate poverty worldwide.  (More on that later.)

(Everything you need in one convenient, and affordable package.)

     Like a technical school or a masters training program, your StarBiz program gives you everything you need, to learn our unique and magical skills, so that you can start your own stargazing ceiling home business with just a weekend of study.

     If you ever wondered how to start a small home based business; if you're tired of searching for business opportunity after business opportunity, franchise after franchise, network marketing deals, and crossing your fingers, hoping for the next miracle to happen, you must begin today.  You'll enjoy this "breath of fresh air"; because it's unlike anything else; and everyone just loves it.  If you need to know...  this is as close as it gets.  It's the top home based business. 

     It's your doorway to freedom.

home business

     Advertised since 1991 in professional artist and business opportunity magazines, luxury and hotel industry magazines worldwide, we've taught thousands in the USA, Canada, the UK and over 160 countries!

best business opportunities

     If you've ever dreamed of having more freedom, more time and more money at the end of the week... your new STARSCAPES StarBiz home based business educational program can give it to you.  It's the best home based business to start.



     You can simply show the amazing demo posters, 

 and then be asked to permanently place your magical, illusionary mural, in about an hour or two, on your client's bedroom ceilings!

    Invisible in daytime, the ordinary ceiling and walls dissolve away at night, as the stars magically begin to shine..

    Thousands of glowing stars, constellations, and the Milky Way galaxy, even spaceships, fairies, angels and crescent moons if so desired!    

    The night sky is always changing.  Through the night, through the seasons and through the years.    

    You'll be able to show your client the same sky of the same day and time that he was married, or his child was born... any sky, any day (past, present, or future), any time!    

    This creates tremendous value!  Only available with YOU and your StarBiz program!    

    They'll view the heavens as they were meant to be seen, before the city lights ruined the view.  

    Everyone loves to stargaze... but most of us have just forgotten the stars.   

   STARSCAPES is for every person in every room, in every home and hotel worldwide.


    Imagine wanting to become an electrical and electronics engineer and being taught by Benjamin Franklin or Nikola Tesla.

    Or, learning about real estate...mentoring under Donald Trump.  

    You'll learn from none other than... the Master himself, the founder of this unique, cosmic art form, Joseph Petrashek.  

    And you'll join others like yourself in over 160 countries! No experience needed. Young or old. The average age is 60!  Our online community of hundreds and hundreds of people just like you are ready to welcome you as a member of our Inner Circle.  That is the "Bridge" of the StarShip STARSCAPES.  You'll hobnob with all of us, worldwide, and learn how to be even more successful from the voices of experience.  It's a friendly group too.  Willing to share their deepest secrets with you. 

     Learn this easy, yet incredible art, and you too, could start a unique home business!

(You can advertise with simple and effective window lettering.  I received a phone call the very next morning after putting the lettering on.  Here's two examples from the Inner Circle.)

    Be your own boss, work from home, set your own rules, and make money.

    Whatever you want.  Just need an extra $250 a week?

   You can do it. Need an extra $1,000? You can do it. Up to $5,000 or more a week?  Maybe YOU can do it.  It's up to YOU. But we believe YOU can do it!  It's a work at home real home based business.  Well, actually, you strategize at home, (work from home), and create your magic all over town.  Your objective?  Make the world a better place by allowing everyone to sleep under the stars!

   Reveal the entrepreneur inside you. Begin today.


A life changing opportunity FINDS YOU.

     STARSCAPES is my passion... my home business, and soon to be yours! Be sure to see all the pictures and exciting themes (incl. spaceships, angels, fairies) on page 2 after you get your free Introductory Portal Package also on page two, or buy it quickly here!

Solution Graphics

"I've been showing the 3-D poster to some friends and they all said,
'I want one!' I've got 5 jobs booked. My kids are 'dying' for it!"

"It's like a dream come true!  Best home business ever!"

"I just booked 100 hotel rooms for $500 each! My first job!"

"My kids had ceiling stars with glow-in-the-dark stickers.
Boy were we shocked when we saw the real thing! STARSCAPES!

"I've tried the rest! STARSCAPES is the best!"

"I ordered my free STARSCAPES 3-D
Demonstration Package. Once I received it and
hung them up on the ceiling, my parents, neighbors,
friends and I were all amazed and in AWE!"

"Wisdom is only learned through time and experience...
And true experts are paid for what they know.
I'm extremely happy to have chosen to learn
and do business with STARSCAPES."

"The customer support crew are great!"

"I'll be creating skylites in 100 rooms at a local resort... For $200 each!"

"I showed them, and all the skeptics just said WOW!"

"If you don't have
your media room,
or home theater...
it's just another room
with a big TV."

"It's got to be about the best thing to have; the best thing to own."



 Newest Awesome Comments:

"I've been showing the Portal Poster to some friends and they all said, I want one!"

"I placed my Amazing STARSCAPES Stargazing Portal on my floor and practically fell through the floor!"

"I've never slept so good! 

"I've got 5 jobs booked!  And my kids are "dying" for it!"

Listen to Diane Taylor.  Amazed and fascinated!

You may have to press the PLAY button twice...

"Definitely one of the best things to have in your home."

"My husband gave me one. What a great surprise! I love it!"

"Since I've had my StarBiz, I've made $65,000 with it (without ordering more supplies)!"

"My children love falling asleep under a blanket of stars!"

Steve, in Canada says, "I was totally blown away by the posters Joe sent me.  My step-daughter and her friend saw them and just said "WOW" and "awesome" just like the website says.  We had the posters on our bedroom ceilings for a while. Awesome home based biz!

Billy Martin says, "Hi. I would like to say that I have had the posters to see how it would look, and I have to tell you, it was amazing. My two daughters just love it and so do I. 

Listen to Brian Hunt. "It's phenomenal!"


Greg Perez says, "Being an art promoter for the past 10 years, I can only say that Mr. Petrashek and STARSCAPES is one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever known.  I tested the free portal sent by Mr. Petrashek with my 12 yr old son, and his friends and everyone that saw it were astounded".

Drew Farnese says, "I have been doing this for over 5 years and have found "STARSCAPES" to be one of the most gratifying and lucrative home based businesses on the planet! Adults are awed at the sight of "Sleeping Under The Stars" and the children delight watching the shooting stars flash across their bedroom ceilings as they drift off to slumberland! The staff and support at "STARSCAPES", as well as Joe, the creator, are an awesome team to work with and are always there to assist our teams in a most professional way! I would highly recommend "STARSCAPES" to anyone seeking to establish a respectable and lucrative home based business!"

Listen to Butch making money!


Here's Phil & Susan Tuttle!  They've got HOTEL excitement!


Phyllis just did her first two STARSCAPES with a third booked for next week!


Listen to Vincent Johnson!  His wife and son are amazed!


You'll be relaxing under the stars this week, and showing your family and friends! You'll be AMAZED!

You have to experience it to believe it.

Simply place the portal on the ceiling (or just hang it on the wall), turn out the lights, and magically a window appears on your ceiling! A window to the stars!

Place it on the floor, and you'll feel like you could jump right through it, and fall into deep space!

That's what this family did!

 Listen to the excited children's reaction when the lights go out!



Outside appearance of Starscapes Showroom front window.

Your Introductory Portal Package and StarBiz is here and ready to be delivered to you today.

Outside appearance of Starscapes Showroom signage.
Inside appearance of Starscapes Showroom front wall.

Here's Matthew
packing up your

Handheld 3D viewer and opportunity magazines on shelf inside showroom.

Starscapes StarBiz cartons getting packed up to leave.

Matthew packing up your StarBiz.

Your StarBiz awaits you!


"If you can't make money this way... you're just plain lazy and don't deserve it! Listen to Charles!"

Listen to Bruce Wingard, SAI with 17 more rooms to go!


 Listen to Donna's reaction when the lights go out!


As seen on TV


Win Your Own StarBiz in Our Twice A Year Giveaway Drawing! Next!

Order Your STARSCAPES Professional StarBiz or
Get Your
Free HD3D Cosmic Portals and STARSCAPES  Introductory Package

Prove that STARSCAPES is not only amazing,
or the #1 money making business in the world,
but 100% legitimate, by showing just 10 of your friends.
You'll book your first 10 jobs before you're even in business!

You'll never have more fun doing anything else.


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