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Virtual Planetariums

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   Everyone Who Sees It -- Wants It, and No Matter What They Can Afford, You Have a Product That Will Match Their Budget.  While Most Products Have a Profit Margin, You Don't Have To Walk Away With Your Head Down in Sorrow. Everyone Can Be Your Customer.  Whatever They Can Afford, You'll Have a Product For Them!

   In Business Continuously Since 1991 (24 Years). Happy Customers in 160 Countries!  We'll be with you to supply you through the years.

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Why Waste Your Time Walking From People That Can't Afford Your Product?
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The World Goes To Bed With STARSCAPES FX®

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STARSCAPES F/X® Virtual Planetarium!

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Everyone loves stargazing; we've just forgotten about them.  Due to city light pollution, rain, clouds, smog, haze, etc. we can't see many, if any, stars anymore.  It's too bad, because the stars give us something very, very special. 

Now... YOU can be a part of the rising curve, as more and more people are demanding their stars back. And you can be the one that gives it back to them. 

It's impossible to "get it" or completely understand this without seeing it with your own eyes. Order your free sample (worth $150) and we promise you'll "jump with joy" when you see it and imagine the possibilities for yourself. 

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Over 570 Testimonials On the Site!

* Absolutely fantastic! Dennis K., Massachusetts

* The coolest thing I've ever seen!  David J.

* I made $1,420 today! My customers love it!  Joe P.

* Simply amazing and profitable. Everyone likes the Stars!
Ralph M., Maryland

* I just did 3 bedrooms in an hour and a half for $1,200! John. G.

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* I made $5,600 in one house! Akeem W. Nevada

* Everyone that sees it wants it!  This is the best business opportunity and easiest money I've ever made!
Mike B., Arizona

* A hotel wants me to do 160 rooms! Pite M. Nigeria

There's no guarantee of your specific results and everyone's results can vary.


The STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz Program
Can Change Your Life

   Using the STARSCAPES® special astronomical equipment, custom tools, proprietary supplies like our world famous Creation Paint and know-how that you'll quickly learn while watching DVDs on your sofa, you'll discover the business of how to install an awe inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful, and realistic Virtual Planetariumsm for your clients on the ceiling in their bedroom or home theater.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

   In an hour or two, when you're done; you leave nothing in the room.  But when it's time to go to bed at night, they'll think their ceiling has disappeared!  It's that realistic!  Above them will be the beautiful and fabulous starry night sky; their own Virtual Planetarium!  It looks like you spent two months creating it!  But with our incredible Professional StarBiz System it's so easy a 9 year old boy can do it.  It's comfortable and quick!

   In fact, your customer will show you the room they want it in; you'll "wave your magic wand", and in about an hour or two, you'll be inviting them back into the room to see your finished magic.  Get ready to gain instant respect...

   Their ceiling will look NORMAL, until you turn out the lights in the room. And now, their ceiling is "gone"!  And they're looking up at thousands of  twinkling stars, searching for constellations and discovering the Milky Way galaxy and shooting stars!  They won't believe their eyes!  But they'll be begging you to do it in all of the other bedrooms!  Everyone in your town will want one!

   It's the coolest thing you'll ever see.  It's fun, educational, inspiring, relaxing and stress-relieving.  Everyone you know is going to want it for themselves.

   After they tell you how wonderfully beautiful it is... They will gladly write you a check, or give you cash.  And you keep all of it.  The average profit is between $500 and $1,000 a room.  Not bad for an hour or two is it?

   How's the market for this?  Just Google Earth your house and look at how many homes and bedrooms are around you.  Everyone has a bedroom.  The possibilities are endless!  It's new and exciting!  Everyone that sees it -- wants it!  We'll prove it in two steps.  (1.) Sign up for our newsletter, and (2.) See it with your own eyes! Order your FREE sample Demonstration Portal & Discovery Pkg. today!

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